4 Helpful Remedies to Treat a Bee Sting

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4 Helpful Remedies to Treat a Bee Sting

treat a bee sting

My family took a day trip to the beach yesterday. It was beautiful weather and we were having a blast. But the mood shifted when my daughter was stung by a bee in the afternoon at the playground. She screamed. We panicked. We weren’t super close to home. How do we treat a bee sting outside of our normal surroundings? I’ll share three helpful remedies that we used to treat a bee sting.

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1. Remove the bee stinger

Before you do anything else, you want to try to remove the bee stinger. If you keep the bee stinger in, it could make symptoms worse and cause more pain to the site. You can use a credit card to swipe out the stinger or your fingernail. Try not to use tweezers to pull it out, as this could squeeze more venom into the skin. If you are unsure of how to remove a bee stinger correctly, read this article.

2. Place ice on the bee sting

Once we removed the bee stinger from our daughter’s foot, we immediately placed a bag of ice on it. Fortunately, we had ice available since we had a cooler with water and fruit on the beach. Immediately placing ice on the infected area will help reduce swelling. Don’t panic if you still see swelling. Our daughter’s toes started swelling almost immediately.

However, we held ice to the sting and the swelling stopped and started to go down. Some people are allergic to bee stings, so it’s always a scary moment watching it unfold before your eyes. If there is ever doubt, don’t hesitate to visit the ER or call your local family doctor for advice.

3. Treat a bee sting using lavender essential oil roll on

When my daughter was stung by a bee, our immediate reaction was, “What do we do!?” We removed the bee stinger and my friend offered us her lavender essential oil roll on. If you didn’t know, lavender oil has soothing properties and it can be pain relieving. This especially helps in treating bee stings or spider bites. My daughter was visibly shaken and upset. Minutes after we applied the lavender essential oil roll on, she was able to calm down, so we could further assess how to treat a bee sting.

4. Apply The Bug Bite Thing to the bee sting

If you don’t have one, go purchase The Bug Bite Thing immediately. My wife and I recently bought two of these. We keep one at home and one in the car. We actually purchased this to treat mosquito bites as the mosquitoes love my daughter and I. However, we were able to use The Bug Bite Thing to treat a bee sting yesterday.

Essentially, this tool acts as a suction. You apply it to the skin and pull the lever and it sucks the venom out. It is recommended that you do it a few times. The best results are shown the sooner you act on it. We have seen really good results using this tool with mosquito bites and now a bee sting! I recommend The Bug Bite Thing to anyone!


9 Responses

  1. A. H. says:

    These are great tips for this time of year! With my little ones I have used mustard! They think it’s hilarious and it actually helps with the stinging! I will have to try lavender essential oil next time!

  2. Abby says:

    Super useful!

  3. Great tips! I love using lavender. I’ve heard of the bite bug thing but haven’t made a purchase yet. May I also suggest if you have plantain nearby (and it grows almost everywhere), take a leaf, chew it up and apply it to the sting for about 5-10 minutes. I’ve been amazed at how well this works for stings and insect bites!

    • Derek says:


      You should definitely check out the bug bite thing! I will have to try the plaintain. Never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing!


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