5 Great Ways to Build in One On One Time With Your Twins

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5 Great Ways to Build in One On One Time With Your Twins

one on one time with your twins

Ever since my twins were born, I made it my mission to treat them as individuals and not as twins. I want to make sure they develop their own interests, make their own friends and get one on one time with their parents. I have 5 great ways to build in one on one time with your twins.

1. Schedule date nights

Having twins certainly keeps us on our toes. They keep us busy and there seems to be something scheduled almost every night of the week anymore. We started making it more of a habit to schedule date nights specifically with our twins. We schedule an evening where I take my daughter out and do whatever she enjoys. Since we have a two year old as well, this means that my wife stays home with our other twin and the two year old. Then, the next evening, we switch and my wife takes my son out for a date night. Next month, we will do the same schedule, except reverse the roles.

By doing this, we are getting quality one on one time with our kids and making memories. If you are struggling with finding one on one time with your twins, start by scheduling date nights.

2. Use sleep routines to your advantage

If your twins have different sleep patterns, take advantage of that! My daughter wakes up between 6 and 6:30 am every morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend, or if she got to bed late the night before. She is up early. Her twin brother enjoys sleeping in a little longer. But I’m up between 6 and 6:30 am most mornings because of work. This is the perfect opportunity to gain some one on one time with my daughter.

We don’t do much in the early hours, but I will take a cuddle on the couch any day. My daughter loves to read, so she will snuggle on the couch and read her book to me. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend one on one time and starts our day off with a smile.

3. Split up errands or chores

When you have to clean your house, divide the chores up so your kids can help. By splitting up the chores, you now get some one on one time with one of your twins, while the other twin is off with mommy completing their list of chores. This time spent together produces funny conversations and it builds trust in a relationship. If you are looking for tips on how to keep a house clean, check out my article on “How to Keep a Clean House With Kids.”

4. Explore their interests together

Be intentional with each of your kids interests. My son absolutely loves LEGOs. Anytime that he is in the basement playing LEGOs, he calls me down to play with him. Granted, there are times when I am unable to join in, but jumping in to play LEGOs, even if for a few minutes, is some great one on one time with him!

On the other hand, my daughter is big into dolls and barbies right now. I do the same thing and make sure to sit down, put my phone away and spend one on one time doing something that she loves. When you take the time and give your undivided attention to your kids, you will see a happy heart and BIG smile!

5. Sign up to coach their sports team

If your twins join an organized sports team, take the plunge and sign up to be their coach! Yes, it is a time commitment and coaching a group of young kids requires a lot of patience. However, the one on one time that you gain with your kid is priceless.

Last week, I was coaching my son’s soccer team. We were doing a practice drill where each kid dribbled their soccer ball around cones and took a shot on net. My favorite memory from that night was working with my son to improve his dribbling. I was laughing with him as he dribbled around the cones and took a shot and scored! It was such a neat moment for me and I won’t forget it. I promise you that he isn’t forgetting those moments that his dad coached him in soccer either.

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  1. Kay says:

    Worthy advice, kids grow up so quickly and the memories your create together are priceless. Now my kids are adults we have an annual game we play called ‘do you remember when?’ It always amazes me how we remember significant memories totally differently. My advice, keep your photos of Barbie and Lego time handy!

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