A Series on Teamwork and Parenting: Household Chores

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A Series on Teamwork and Parenting: Household Chores

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As I continue my series on teamwork and parenting, I want you to think about all of your responsibilities as a partner when it comes to parenting. How are you assisting your partner in raising your child? In my last article, I talked about your role in nightly breast and bottle feedings. Next up: household chores.

Cleaning the Kitchen

How excited will your partner be when she sees that you did something as simple as washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen countertops?! As a parent and partner, we need to make sure we are supporting one another and demonstrating teamwork to our child early on! Bonus points if you put away the dishes immediately afterwards!

Doing Laundry

I have to admit. This is my weakness. I don’t mind gathering the clothes and putting them in the washer and dryer. But I really do not like folding laundry and putting it away. My wife knows this. So when I do all of this without being asked…needless to say, she is a happy woman! At the same time, my children take notice of my teamwork and positive attitude.

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Cleaning the Bathroom(s)

Your partner is very busy keeping up with a newborn and potentially other older children. I would imagine that household chores start to fall by the wayside. How can you help? Start by cleaning the bathrooms. Strap on your boots. Grab those gloves. Grab the hazmat suit. Whatever tools you need. If you are cleaning the bathrooms without being asked, you’re showing your partner that you’re in this together and willing to help, despite any lack of sleep.

So what household chores are you going to start with next? I look forward to hearing from you and how teamwork has played a big part in your parenting lifestyle.

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