Benefits of Coaching Youth Sports

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Benefits of Coaching Youth Sports

I started coaching my son’s soccer team last year when he was almost 6 years old. After playing soccer for 15 years, I still love to play a pick up game every now and then. I love the sport. And so when my son showed interest, I figured I would give it a shot and coach his team. He loves the fact that I coach his team and I highly recommend coaching your child’s sports team if you’re on the fence. Let me give you three benefits of coaching youth sports:

1. Relationship building with my son

My son is as outgoing as they come. He loves making friends and does not hesitate to introduce himself to a kid on the playground…or their parent. This can be a good thing or a scary thing (Stranger Danger!). But one of my favorite things about coaching my son in soccer is watching him build relationships. On top of that, our own relationship together becomes stronger.

There is a sense of pride that his dad is the coach of his team. Every week, he belts out, “Hey guys, we’re going to win this week! And my dad is the coach!” That makes me smile. Knowing I’m making an impact on my son by spending time each week during the summer helping him learn the skills of soccer. It’s one of my favorite benefits of coaching youth sports.

2. Life lessons are learned

Like anything in life, there are good days and bad days. When I coach 7-8 year old boys, there are good days and bad days. But one of the benefits of coaching youth sports is learning more about myself and improving my leadership skills.

It takes patience.

Lots and lots of patience is needed. Soccer balls flying through the air during practice. Kids tripping over each other. It can be pure chaos. Be patient with them and that’s when you earn respect.

It takes great communication.

If you aren’t great at communicating with others, coaching your child’s sports team will be great practice for you! I enjoy a good challenge and coaching provides me that outlet. Communication is so key in business and coaching soccer is no different! Be clear and concise in your message and see results as they apply them in game. There is no better feeling!

Leadership is a must.

Life lessons are learned and I continue to tweak how I want to coach my team each week. I enjoy watching my son interact with his friends on the team and how he responds when I instruct them on their next drill. I learn a lot from coaching in soccer because it’s different than telling my son to clean his room. There is a whole team watching me. Waiting for my next instruction. All come from different backgrounds and learn differently. It’s a whole new world coaching a sports team. But it’s so rewarding.

3. It’s all about having fun!

If you are coaching a sport that you also love, then that is a win-win scenario! I love soccer. It’s in my blood. Getting home from work and kicking a ball around with my kids is my favorite. So naturally, coaching a team of boys about soccer is perfect for me. I enjoy watching them learn the game, improve their skillset and score those goals!

The other day, we beat our opponents 8-2. And while they say that we shouldn’t keep score in this age bracket, I certainly keep score. I can’t help it. I’m competitive. My team is competitive and we have fun while learning the skills of the game.

I enjoy being a coach. It’s helped me continue to grow my bond with my son and spend calculated time with him. No phones. No electronics.

Just him and I learning the amazing sport of soccer.


That’s what it’s all about.

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