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5 Back to School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Back to school season is here! And with that comes the tedious task of packing your kids a lunch. Every. single. day. But have no fear. Here are five back to school lunches that your kids will love this year! 1. Tomato and cheese sandwich This is one of the easiest back to school lunches…
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5 Safety Tips to Consider as You Send Your Kids Back to School

For most families, there are only three weeks left of school! Wow. Where did the summer go? As you send your kids back to school, it’s really important to consider what safety measures need to be taken before school starts. These are five safety tips to consider as you send your kids back to school…
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How to Successfully Survive the First Week of Kindergarten With Twins

During the first week of kindergarten, I may have cried more than my twins. It was hard to see them walk into that school, growing up way too fast. My kids were nervous too. No doubt. As we start thinking about heading back to school in one month, here are some tips on how to…
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