Dads, You Will Get Through Your Man Cold, I Promise!

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Dads, You Will Get Through Your Man Cold, I Promise!

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As I write out this post, I am dealing with the man cold. When I get a head cold, I joke with my wife often about the man cold and my every need. But for me personally, it’s something I think about. How do I act with my family when I have a cold? Do I treat my wife and kids any different? Below are some strategies I take when I am the one with the cold and my kids are healthy.

Play a board game

My son loves to play “monster.” This involves me crawling around on the living room floor and he jumps on me and wrestles me to the ground. Soon, my other two children join in. I actually enjoy this game and the bonding time that it creates. When I have a cold and my head is pounding? Not so much. My wife and I recently were trying to reminisce what it was like to be sick before kids. You could take the day and just rest, watch shows, eat soup and sleep.

With kids, those plans go out the window, for the most part. Now, if my wife is healthy while I’m not feeling well, she is a rockstar and helps wherever she can. However, my kids still want to play with me when I’m not feeling well. A board game works great in this instance. You could even lay on the floor with a pillow and tea and still compete in the game and be present.

Have a family movie time

Personally, even when I’m not feeling 100%, I still want to spend time with my family. Turning on a movie checks that box for me. You may be able to even sneak a few cuddles in while you’re at it. Unless you’re trying to avoid the spreading of germs, which makes sense too. But movie time together will allow for connection as a family and maybe you get a short nap in as well!

Kick that man cold with a nap

If your kids are younger and they still take a nap and/or quiet time, please nap when they do. This will allow you to get some rest, but won’t infringe on any family time for you. If your kids don’t nap or are older, you may be able to sneak in a nap during a movie as mentioned above. Or maybe it’s nice out and your kids want to play together in the backyard. Take a nap!

This too shall pass

It’s hard sometimes, but you can do it! I struggled tonight as we neared bedtime for the kids. I was feeling rough, but I continued my routine and tucked our kids into bed as always. I don’t want my kids to worry and think I’m really sick. It’s okay to show emotion every now and then, but at the end of the day, I know this “man cold” will pass and I will be just fine in a day or two!

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  1. Spending time with family sounds like a great way to pass the man cold, so long as it doesn’t spread 😉

  2. Lydiah says:

    Best ways to chase away cold from you.

  3. A. H. says:

    Love this! Could easily be titled, “wives your husbands will get through their man colds”
    Thanks for sharing!

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