The Ultimate Fall 2023 Bucket List For Families

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The Ultimate Fall 2023 Bucket List For Families

fall 2023 bucket list

Have you noticed that it’s starting to get dark early now? Gone are days when the sun is out until 8:30 at night.

Hello, Fall!

If you’re looking for fun fall activities do to together as a family, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is my ultimate fall 2023 bucket list for families. Enjoy!

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Outside Fall 2023 Bucket List Activities

1. Apple picking. Take a scenic drive to your nearest orchard. Make a delicious pie or two with those apples!

2. Visit a corn maze. This is one of our favorite activities to do as a family in the fall. For added excitement, let your kids lead the way and see if you make it out!

3. Go on a hay ride. The last time I took my kids on a hay ride, they held hands the entire way and admired the colors of the leaves and giggled the entire way. It was a simple hay ride but precious memories were created.

4. Have a backyard bonfire. We purchased an outdoor fire pit for such occasions. It’s perfect for our patio and allows us to safely have a fire and roast hot dogs too. And s’mores. I can’t leave out s’mores!

5. Go hiking. Fall is our favorite time of the year for hikes. As the leaves change color…simply gorgeous! Check out these amazing hiking trails for your kids!

6. Start your holiday shopping. Do you wait until the week of Christmas to do all of your shopping? Try starting in October and see how amazing you feel. Use Black Friday to your advantage! Why not try to get it done early? As we all know, the week of Christmas is always busy enough!

7. Attend a high school sporting event. Friday night lights. I am a sports fanatic and I love watching my kids play sports. And with our sports obsession, we love cheering on others at high school sporting events. Football, field hockey, you name it. If you have friends or family playing sports in high school, take your family and cheer them on! Make signs and have fun with it.

8. Help a neighbor rake leaves. I love finding ways that my kids can serve our community and this is a simple way to serve our neighbors together as a family.

9. Attend a fall festival. At fall festivals, you will typically find a corn maze, hay ride, apple cider, pumpkin patches and maybe even a petting farm. All of the fun fall things stored into one festival!

10. Schedule a family photo session. Use the fall foliage to your advantage. Get that Christmas photo ready to go!

Indoor Fall 2023 Bucket List Activities

1. Carve or paint pumpkins. If carving a pumpkin isn’t your thing, that’s okay! My kids enjoy painting pumpkins just as much as carving them!

fall 2023 bucket list

2. Make a pie. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie. Cherry pie. I literally don’t know if there is a pie I would not eat during the fall season. Assign each member of your family a specific pie making task. Bake it together!

3. Create a family gratitude journal. During the month of November, spend each day as a family reflecting on what you are thankful for. Carry this routine into December and maybe this becomes a daily routine in 2024 for your family!

4. Movie night. Cuddle up by the fireplace (assuming it’s cold in the fall where you live) and put on a movie. Grab some popcorn and make it a movie night. If you are unsure what movie to watch, here are 50 of the best movies to watch as a family.

5. Decorate your house for the fall season. Get a head start on decorating your house for the fall. We are a sucker for candles over here, so we always make sure to put out several candles with our fall decor. The cinnamon apple crisp scent is one of my fall favorites.

6. Watch football together. As I said earlier, I am a sports fanatic. Football is my favorite sport to follow, by far. One of my favorite parts of the fall season is watching the Philadelphia Eagles every week with my kids. As my kids get older, it’s a lot of fun watching the sport with them and explaining how the sport works.

7. Burn fall candles. I told you I loved candles! I’ll throw out another one of my favorites. This one smells like cinnamon rolls! YUM.

8. Make soup together. As the weather gets colder, it just makes sense to make more soup. Potato soup is a family favorite in our house. Add in some bacon and chicken and it is simply delicious!

9. Work on a puzzle together. My kids love doing Ravensburger puzzles together as a family. The Toy Story puzzle is one of our favorites.

10. Donate Thanksgiving meal items to a food pantry. This is another great way that you can serve your community as a family. The next time you’re out grocery shopping, grab a few extra cans of vegetables, pie filling, boxed stuffing and deliver it to a food pantry for Thanksgiving meals!

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  1. Tracy McHugh says:

    Love this list! I had such fond memories of apple picking and hiking as a kid.

  2. Christine says:

    So many fun ideas! I love the idea of creating a family gratitude journal especially!

  3. Maryanne says:

    Great list of indoor and outdoor activities for Fall. They look like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

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