5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Your Fantasy Football Obsession

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5 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Your Fantasy Football Obsession

fantasy football obsession

I love football. I love everything about it. Thursday night football. Football all day on Sunday. Monday night football.

But when the Super Bowl takes place in February, it’s not over for me. I live and breathe football.

And because of this, my fantasy football obsession has grown over the past several years. Now that I have kids, I enjoy finding ways to include them in my fantasy football obsession.

It’s another way that I get to bond with my kids instead of being glued to the TV and phone all day by myself.

Here are five ways that you can get your kids involved in your fantasy football obsession this season!

1. Buy a fantasy football magazine for your kids

I used to cure my fantasy football obsession with 7-10 magazines each season!

One of the best parts of the summer is when the fantasy football magazines hit the shelves. I find myself in Barnes & Noble in July looking for the first magazine to appear. I try not to buy every magazine available, but it definitely used to be a weakness of mine!

Buy a magazine for your kids. Let them look through it. There are plenty of pictures and many different pages of rankings in each magazine. These rankings will be perfect for beginners to help understand which players are better in fantasy football than others.

Most magazines will also provide a few pages on how to get started if you are new to fantasy football.

Let your kids look over a magazine and reach conclusions on their own!

2. Invite your kids to your fantasy football draft

Your kids will enjoy seeing a draft and how it all comes together.

The fantasy football draft is one of the best parts about playing fantasy football. I have been in one league for 17 years now with several of the same people! The best part of the season is getting together in one room and catching up. We reminisce about old drafts, football players that never panned out and share great laughs and even better food.

Bring your kids to a live draft. Your kids will feel so special being included in a draft and they can finally see what all the fuss is about!

3. Start a free league with your kids

Before you know it, they will have a fantasy football obsession too!

There are many sites and applications that you can use to create a free league.

Some of my favorites are Sleeper, Yahoo! and ESPN.

Start a free league and have your kids join and manage their own team. Invite other family members, friends and their kids to join the league.

Create a safe space for your kids and others to learn how fantasy football works.

No trash talk. No disrespect. No expectations. Just fun and games!

And before you know it, your fantasy football obsession will soon rub off on your kids. Just watch.

4. Watch an NFL game with your kids during the week

Point out the players on their fantasy football team during the game.

My kids are now seven years old and have shown more interest in watching football games with me each week. This started about two years ago and every year, there seems to be more and more interest.

Watching a game with your kids each week will allow them to learn how the game works and learn the players names. If you watch the same team each week, they will start to learn positions and who plays at each position.

As for their fantasy team, they will probably draft players on their home town team, which will help stir their excitement as they cheer their team to victory.

It’s a wonderful time to bond with your kids for a few hours each week!

5. Let your kids choose your fantasy football team name

Bring out their creativity!

There are so many great team names out there. If your kids are younger and not quite ready to manage their own team just yet, get their feet wet and have them choose your team name.

A team name can be whatever you want!

It can be based off of a player’s name (i.e. Lights, Kamara, Action – Based off running back Alvin Kamara on the New Orleans Saints).

It can be an inside joke that runs in the family.

Your team name can be a nickname that you have carried with you your whole life.

At the end of the day, fantasy football is supposed to be fun. What better way to ring in the fun than having your kids choose your team name!?


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