How to Successfully Survive the First Week of Kindergarten With Twins

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How to Successfully Survive the First Week of Kindergarten With Twins

first week of kindergarten

During the first week of kindergarten, I may have cried more than my twins. It was hard to see them walk into that school, growing up way too fast. My kids were nervous too. No doubt. As we start thinking about heading back to school in one month, here are some tips on how to survive the first week of kindergarten with twins.

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Make friendship bracelets

In the weeks leading up to the start of kindergarten, my wife and I started having conversations with our twins about what school would be like. There were a lot of unknowns. Fear started to creep in.

So, we made friendship bracelets for each other. One bracelet for each of us.

That way, when they were at school and got scared, they could look at their bracelets and know that they are loved by mommy and daddy always. No matter what.

This seemed to help get out the early jitters during the first week of kindergarten!

Leave little notes in their lunchbox

Each day, we pack our twins snacks and a lunch for school. Along with the different snacks, we pack a napkin and leave a little note for each kid on their napkin. It could be as simple as “Have a great day! I love you. Love, Daddy”

But sometimes, I’ll mix it up and add in a dad joke on the napkin. I don’t tell them what I’m writing, so it’s always a surprise for them when they’re at school.

These notes make their day and if they are having a hard time at school, I know they are smiling when they see these notes. It’s a great start to their first week of kindergarten and this routine stays throughout the school year.

first week of kindergarten

Set one goal with them for each day during the first week of kindergarten

Entering kindergarten can be a scary concept for parents and kids. My daughter was extremely nervous to step out and start kindergarten. On day one, we decided to talk together and come up with a goal.

What was our goal? Her goal on day one was to meet one person and ask them their name.

That was her goal for the day. And you know what? She came home and told us she talked to three people and learned their names! Wow!

The next day, we gave our kids a new goal. Talk to two people and tell them your name.

By setting these realistic goals, it instilled confidence in our kids and we saw them blossom early to start the school year. Watching them boost their confidence was all we needed to feel good about sending them to school.

Talk to your kids after each day

I cannot stress how important it is to talk to your kids each day after school. Especially when they are young. Especially during their first week!

The benefit of having twins and having them in the same class is that they look out for each other. We found out quickly that our daughter loves to share every detail about the day and our son was short at times in his responses for the day. Our daughter made sure to tell us all that happened and we could fill in the storyline fairly easily!

Talk to your kids. Ask them questions. The more that you stay involved and have conversations about school, the more you and your kids will feel comfortable as the school year progresses.

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  1. Vanya says:

    Love the notes. So sweet!

  2. Sara says:

    Great advice! I’ve been a K-2 teacher for 12 years and the first week of Kinder is so tough on kids AND parents. With a little support, they get through that first week and grow to love it!

    • Derek says:


      Thanks for teaching the littles! That’s such an important job! It is hard on the parents too, for sure 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love the friendship bracelet idea! I have a little guy who is nervous about school, friendship bracelets may help him.

  4. A. H. says:

    Great ideas! I always loved when my dad put a note in my lunch! My mom often did so when my dad did it felt extra special!

  5. Avishek says:

    Leaving notes in their lunchboxes would be a great idea. I’ll give it a try for sure.

  6. Rae says:

    Friendship bracelet was such a good idea!

  7. Ana says:

    Love the notes 🙂 i think it is harder for us to adjust than for them

  8. valerie says:

    Love your writing style! It’s so nice to read about a father’s perspective. 🙂

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