Make the Most of a Rainy Beach Vacation

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Make the Most of a Rainy Beach Vacation

kids at rainy beach vacation

My wife and I love the beach. Growing up on the East Coast, we both grew up spending our summers at the beach. Now with kids of our own, we get them to the beach as often as we can. We love creating family traditions and this is definitely one of them. Just last week, we spent a week at the beach. Just the five of us. It rained four of the six days we were there. So how did we make the most of a rainy beach vacation?

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Mini-golf was a game changer during a mostly rainy week. We already love mini-golf. But when it’s raining, your options already become fairly limited. If it’s a steady rain, we focus on the indoor mini-golf courses and take our time. If it’s a light rain or mist, we may do an outdoor course, especially since the lines will be minimal! For our two year old, we bought this toddler golf set and we bring a club with us when we go mini-golfing. It keeps him occupied and makes him feel like he’s in on the action. I highly recommend!

Explore the local town

When it’s nice outside, there are obviously many different beach activities to take part in. But on a rainy day at the beach, you have to get creative. We decided to go shopping and explore the local town. Go visit the beach town that you’re staying in! Are you close enough to walk? Is it raining really hard or is it light enough that you can be comfortable using an umbrella? My family enjoyed just exploring the town we were staying in and visiting the local businesses in the area.

During a rainy beach vacation, visiting the arcades is a favorite

I still have memories as a kid when my dad would take me to the arcades. And now the roles are reversed. When your sunny beach expectations turn quickly into a rainy beach vacation, your kids will be asking you about the arcades immediately. We headed to the arcade quite a few times throughout the week and it was PACKED. I don’t know what I expected. But we had a lot of fun. I spent more money there than I care to admit but memories were made. And we stayed dry the entire time!

Donut hunting

Confession time. I absolutely love donuts. My wife does too.

Any my kids…they LOVE donuts. But we really don’t eat donuts throughout the year. It’s on our annual beach vacations that we splurge. We have made it a tradition to take a really long walk in each morning and go on a “donut hunt” for the best donuts. Now, how do we handle this on a rainy beach vacation? We throw on our flip flops, grab an umbrella (always pack an umbrella just in case!) and begin our donut hunt. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe have your kids jump in a puddle or two along the way?

donuts on rainy beach vacation

How do you make the most of a rainy beach vacation? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. A. H. says:

    This is great! So awesome to make memories with kids despite the circumstances!

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