New Years Eve – 2015

Real stories. Real laughs. Real help.

New Years Eve – 2015

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As a kid, New Year’s Eve was great.  You get to stay up way past bedtime, eat a bunch of snacks and drink some sparkling grape juice.

But once I got married in 2012, something strange happened.  I was tired by 9 PM.  Staying up to watch the ball drop became a competitive sport for me.  I just couldn’t do it. 

But on New Year’s Eve in 2015, I had no trouble staying awake that night. 

It had nothing to do with Ryan Seacrest.

Earlier in the day, my wife and I went to the doctor for an ultrasound and we discovered that she was pregnant with twins. 


I will never forget when they pulled the ultrasound up on the screen and there was silence.  I broke the silence.  “Is that twins?”

The ultrasound tech replied.  “Yeah, you’re having twins!”

So many emotions were running through my mind.  I looked at my wife.  She was smiling and just laughing.  She had told me weeks before, “I just have this feeling I’m pregnant with twins.”

She was right.

She was due in July 2016.  And so it was time to prepare.  But how?  I didn’t even know how to change a diaper, let alone TWO diapers.  We need two car seats.  We need two cribs.  Will they be girls?  Will they be boys?  Maybe one girl and one boy?  All we knew is that they would not be identical since they were in separate sacs.

I was excited about becoming a father.  But also very nervous.  No one prepares you for fatherhood and gives you a handbook of what to do or how to act.

That’s why I wanted to start this website.  I want to help other fathers and parents who are new parents or may just need an extra boost of confidence as they navigate parenthood. Real stories. Real laughs. Real help.

I’m here to provide this father’s perspective.

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