Parenting Tips for Raising Twins

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Parenting Tips for Raising Twins

parenting tips for raising twins

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When my wife and I found out that we were pregnant with twins back on New Years Eve in 2015, I will admit that I was a little nervous. I was a first time dad. It was very surreal and I wanted to be the best dad that I could be. And yes, there is a learning curve when you begin raising two little babies at once. I put together a few parenting tips to keep in mind when raising twins.

Develop a Routine

I cannot say enough about setting a routine on day one! Yes, the first few days and weeks are simply a blur. Both babies will be up during the night and require nightly feedings and diaper changes. That is to be expected. But you can start a routine early. Schedule nap times during the same time each day. Give your babies a soothing bath before bed and schedule bed for the same time each day.

Keeping this routine and working closely with your spouse will be a win-win-win for your family. As the babies get a little older, they will recognize this routine, feel safe with you and sleep through the night. And that’s what we all want, right?! (My 7 year old twins STILL maintain the routine that we started with them when they were only weeks old!)

Start Sleep Training Early

I could write many blog posts on sleep training, and maybe I will do just that. But for now, do not make the same mistake we made when we had twins. For the first few weeks, we thought, “If we just keep them up late, they will get tired and sleep through the night!”


This is the worst thing you can do for your babies. Get them into a routine and put them to bed early! I’m talking between 6-7 pm. It seems crazy, but babies need sleep and LOVE sleep. The sooner you can get them sleep trained, the happier your babies will be and the happier mommy and daddy will be.

Ask For Help

I remember bringing our twins home and trying to be brave and handle every situation by ourself without asking for help.

Listen. Raising twins is not easy! It is okay to ask for help. If you have parents nearby, ask them if they can help watch your babies while you do some laundry. Or maybe they can help with laundry while you feed your babies!

I remember when my twins were about 9 months old. My wife works third shift and headed off to work one night, leaving me all alone with our twin babies. They slept in the same room and still do. Their cribs were only feet apart from each other. On this very night, both babies had head colds and were standing in their cribs screaming. LOUD. Snot dripping down both noses. I was in full panic mode. I started crying. How am I going to do this all night by myself?

I called my mother-in-law for help. Probably one of my lowest moments as a father. I felt like I failed myself. But she was at my house so fast and was a huge help all night. I could not have made it through the night without her! Parenting is hard. Raising twins is hard. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

By the way, the NoseFrida got us through the night. My wife and I live and die by this tool. One of the greatest inventions ever.

Do What You Think Is Best!

Remember one thing: YOU are the parent! You know your babies and toddlers the best. Raising twins is a unique experience. Plenty of people that you come across will tell you that you have your hands full and try to tell you what to do next. If sleep training doesn’t work for you, that’s okay. You do what you think is best. If you find a routine to be too strict for your schedule, that’s okay. You do what you think is best. I am here to help and share what worked for us. But at the end of the day, you are raising babies the best way that you know how. Keep up the great work!

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