Preparing For Twins: 6 Things to do Before Your Twins Arrive

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Preparing For Twins: 6 Things to do Before Your Twins Arrive

preparing for twins

The birth of a baby is a little unpredictable. The doctors give you a due date, but we all know that the baby is going to do what he or she wants. It’s no different with twins. As you are preparing for twins, you want to make sure you’re well prepared ahead of time, in case your babies decide to arrive early. Here are 6 things you want to do before your twins arrive.

1. Prep and freeze meals weeks ahead of time

When you are pregnant with twins, full term is considered 38 weeks. For us, we knew 38 weeks put us at the end of July. So when May rolled around, we would use our free time during nights and weekends to make meals ourselves and freeze them. Granted, this was easier for us because we didn’t have any other kids yet. The twins would be our first (and second).

But we put so many meals together ourselves! We made ziti, chicken pot pie, pulled pork, taco meat…you name it. When the twins were born, there was a meal calendar set up which was nice. But when that calendar ended, we were able to dive into the meals we prepped for ourselves and that lasted us weeks. It’s a lot of work but well worth it.

2. Set up the cribs before your twins are born

This may seem obvious, but don’t forget this step. With any pregnancy, there are so many unknowns and variables as near the final weeks and days. That stands true especially with twins. You just don’t know when they are going to decide to make an appearance. Your nursery may not be decorated as much as you would like. That’s okay. But definitely get the cribs set up early. When you get home, you are going to be tired and sleep is going to be a foreign thing to you anymore. So take advantage of the free time you have before your twins arrive and get these tasks finished.

3. When preparing for twins, have an overnight bag ready

You will probably see this step in most pregnancy 101 guides. Obviously, when you give birth, you will be at the hospital for a few days after. That includes you, dads! Again, prepare this bag weeks in advance. This bag should include extra clothes, underwear, socks, a phone charger, playing cards, snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste and headphones. I even packed a gatorade. If you’re a dad who is afraid of getting queasy during the big moment, get a bottle of gatorade and chug that thing right before. Trust me. It works.

4. Have help ready to go on speed dial

This step is really important if you have kids already and your twins are adding to your wonderful family. If you have to head to the hospital in the middle of the night, have someone on speed dial that you can call to come over and be with your children. Since our twins were our first (and second), we didn’t have to worry about this step. Arrange these plans well in advance of your due date so that everyone understands the expectations of the big day!

5. Attend a birthing class

If you have never attended a birthing class…DO IT. As a dad, I learned so much through this class and it was a great bonding moment with my wife. Ask the hospital that you’re planning to deliver at if they offer birthing classes. We watched a birthing video and I honestly was excited that I didn’t pass out during it.

I learned about the birthing process in general and how it might look different with us, since we were delivering twins. I learned how to change a diaper. Don’t laugh. Practice ahead of time. It’s a surreal experience when a tiny 5 pound baby is screaming and throwing limbs. Attend a birthing class months ahead of time and you will learn something new!

6. As you begin preparing for twins, discuss all possible scenarios with your spouse

When you are preparing for twins, you should expect the unexpected. This rings true for any pregnancy. There are a lot of scenarios that could play out during birth and you should talk with your spouse about each scenario before you are forced to make those decisions in the moment. My wife and I entered the hospital on a Sunday night and she was induced.

But the medicine didn’t really do anything or start labor for her. So by Tuesday, doctors told us she needed a C-section. We hadn’t really talked about this scenario ahead of time and it made us panic in the moment. Everything went fine and we were blessed with two healthy babies. But talk out each scenario and the possibilities before the big day. It will put you all at ease.

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