Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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Over the past few weeks, my family has been blessed with sun, minimal clouds and warm weather. But with that, means no rain. Until today. Time to break out the rainy day activities.

Bug Scavenger Hunt

If you remember from our road trip to Disney, our kids love scavenger hunts of any kind. One of our favorite rainy day activities is a bug scavenger hunt. We use Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs for this activity! All you need is a bag of bugs, creative juices flowing and the rest is up to you. We enjoy doing this scavenger hunt throughout multiple floors of our house. This allows our kids to get their energy out and it makes it fun for them to search so many places.

Play Baking

If your family loves watching Masterchef Jr. like we do, then look no further. One of our messiest rainy day activities is play baking. We set our kids up with cookie sheets and provide them with silicone cupcake liners. We then fill the liners with shaving cream and provide our kids with spices from the cabinet that we don’t use anymore, or old candy that was never used for the gingerbread house. Our kids also love to use baking soda and vinegar as well. They spend hours creating concoctions and “recipes” for their pretend customers. It will get messy, but if you’re willing to spend a few minutes cleaning up, this activity will make a rainy day so worth it!

Play Grocery Store

rainy day activities

When my twins were a year old, my father-in-law built them a play grocery store in our basement. They are now almost seven years old and still use this grocery store on a daily basis. This is one of our go-to rainy day activities. When we finish a food item in our house, we recycle any glass items and keep the cardboard and plastic items for our grocery store. We bought Melissa & Doug toy shopping carts for them to use and a Learning Resources cash register for them to practice with money. It’s a great outlet for them to play together, pretend to work in a grocery store and also have pretend food fights.

Creating Obstacle Courses

Everyone talks about building forts, but what about creating obstacle courses? I would say this is one of the rainy day activities that makes us laugh the most. You will have to use your creativity for this activity as well. We have two BalanceFrom Folding Exercise Mats that we use for our obstacle course.

We have our kids create the obstacle course which involves the removal of ALL couch cushions and any other furniture they can find. The obstacle course also includes any silly tasks my kids come up with including jumping jacks, slides using the exercise mats, races around the basement, kicking a ball across the room and so much more. This is such a great activity to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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