5 Easy Ways to Show Your Wife That You Care

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5 Easy Ways to Show Your Wife That You Care

show your wife that you care

How do you currently show your wife that you care?

If you are married, it’s important as a husband to show your wife you care about her and love her. It can be easy to put all of your energy and efforts into your kids, day in and day out. But don’t forget about your first love! Here are five easy ways to show your wife that you care.

1. Do the dishes without being asked

I love doing the dishes, so this is an easy one for me. But my wife just absolutely loves when she comes home from running errands and sees me cleaning up the kitchen without being asked. After breakfast, lunch or dinner, clean up the table and wash the dishes without being asked. Watch your wife light up the room with her smile. It’s an easy way to show that you care and it means a lot to your wife.

2. Show your wife that you care by planning a date night

Date nights can be hard to schedule as it is…especially when you have kids.

When we do get an opportunity to drop the kids off at grammy and pops, my wife loves it when I plan the date night. For my wife, time with her spouse is one of her love languages. So the idea of me planning out the whole night is really meaningful to her. It shows your wife that you are taking charge, exploring her interests and excited to spend time with her. It’s a great way to show your wife that you care.

If you are looking for date night ideas, check out my 5 Amazing Date Night Ideas With Your Spouse.

3. Take time to truly listen to what your wife is saying

Husbands, how often do we nod our heads and give eye contact, but forget to listen what our wife is saying to us? Admit it. It happens and it’s so important to recognize it and fix it immediately. By truly listening to our spouse, we can dive deeper into conversations and connect more on an emotional level.

Show your wife that you care by taking that time to listen, using your non-verbal and verbal cues. Non-verbal cues include eye contact, smiling, nodding, body language and haptics (touch).

4. Buy her flowers…just because!

Yes, I know as husbands, it’s almost a given that we will buy our wives flowers on Valentines Day. But have you ever bought your wife flowers on a Tuesday in May? Just because? Watch the smile it brings your wife. There isn’t anything much better than that. I have a young daughter and sometimes, I’ll give her a single rose at the same time.

Take those moments to show the women in your life that you truly care about them.

5. Prepare a nice dinner

What better way to show your wife that you care than preparing dinner and cleaning up afterwards! (See number one on this list). My wife actually enjoys cooking meals. We tend to help each other during meal prep, but with three kids now, it can be hard to each work together during dinner.

It’s a nice surprise to my wife when I offer to take over for dinner so she can sit back and rest. Well, “rest” usually involves running after our two year old. But you get the idea. Prepare a nice dinner and if you have kids, get them involved too!


6 Responses

  1. Tracy McHugh says:

    Great suggestions! I think listening to what your significant other is saying is so important. I remember once years ago my parents got me a gift based of something I said off the cuff in conversation months earlier and it was such a surprise (and it’s difficult to surprise me).

  2. Tom says:

    Five simple and effective suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE that things like this are out there. So great. I think it so important to SHOW people you care. Especially in the form of their primary love language and how they WANT to be shown love. Good stuff.

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