The Best Backpacks For Traveling With Family: 5 Backpacks to Buy For Parents and Kids!

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The Best Backpacks For Traveling With Family: 5 Backpacks to Buy For Parents and Kids!

best backpacks for traveling

When you are traveling with your kids, whether it’s a week-long vacation at the beach or a simple road trip for one day, you need to be prepared. Equipping yourself with the right backpack will do wonders for your travel. I’m going to break down the best backpacks for traveling with kids. What backpack do mom and dad need? What backpacks should your child be sporting? Let’s find out!

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Fawn Design Diaper Bag

The Fawn Design diaper bag is a little more expensive than I care to admit. But it’s so worth it. As a dad, some of the diaper bags out there are almost embarrassing to carry around. But this one? Not at all. I even get compliments on this bag. There are multiple pockets inside and out that we use to store kid’s activities, snacks, wipes, and even extra pairs of clothes. (As a parent, always expect the unexpected!)

Price: $169.99

Colors Currently Available: Brown, Dusty Blue, Leopard, Warm Blush

Helpful Review:

I have been searching and deciding what diaper bag to get and this is the perfect bag. The Blush color is so cute and just what I was looking for. It’s sturdy leather and feels great. For a mini it’s a good size if you have a little one. I love it and it exceeded my expectations. Choose Fawn.

If you purchase the bundle, look at all of the extras that come with it!

Check out this Fawn Diaper Bag on Amazon!

Puma Unisex Backpack

If the Fawn Design diaper bag didn’t do it for you, then check out this backpack from Puma. My wife and I absolutely love this backpack. And we use this one as a diaper bag or change of clothes bag too! It’s very durable, and it’s really comfortable to wear. When we traveled to Disney World in April, I wore this backpack every day in the parks and it worked out perfectly. There is even extra padding in the backpack and I am able to safely store my laptop without fear of damaging it. Whether you use this backpack for your kids or yourself, I highly recommend this one when traveling.

Price: $44.90

Colors Currently Available: Bridal Rose, Dark Denim, Forest Night, Grigio, Olive Night, White, Love Potion

Helpful Review:

I bought the backpack for the fitness center. It has enough space for shoes, bath towel, extra towel, drinks and more. There’s a lot of storage space in the 3 compartments, but it’s very light. Very satisfied, clear recommendation from me!

Check out this Puma Unisex Backpack on Amazon!

JanSport Backpack

I live and die by the JanSport backpack. When I was in third grade, my parents bought me a backpack with a leather bottom. I used the same backpack all the way through college! In fact, when my wife and I got married, I used it for many years when we would go on vacation. It acted as my carry-on bag when we traveled overseas. I used this backpack all the time. I still use it from time to time, but it does have some obvious wear and tear now, after 22 years of use! It’s an extremely durable backpack and well worth its cost.

Price: $64.99

Colors Currently Available: 22 colors available!

Helpful Review:

I had this backpack 25 years ago as a kid. It lasted for years. Theres no better backpack for general everyday use.

Check out this JanSport backpack on Amazon!

Busy Board Toddler Backpack

When traveling with toddlers, it’s important to make sure that they are entertained on the car ride. How do we do that? Check out our Road Trip Essentials For Toddlers! On another note, this Busy Board Toddler Backpack is a must-purchase for your next road trip. It’s large enough to carry toys, snacks, juice bottles, diapers, and wipes.

But wait, there’s more! It also doubles as a learning toy as well. The shoulder straps have numbers and shapes on them, encouraging the toddlers to count and learn shapes. The outside of the backpack assists with fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Price: $22.99

Colors Currently Available: Grey, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow

Helpful Review:

My son is obsessed with everything this backpack has. It’s very soft, material seems strong. I would definitely recommend this for kids who love string, buckles and straps.

best backpacks for traveling

Check out this Busy Board Toddler Backpack on Amazon!

Dinosaur Backpack

This backpack is absolutely adorable. My son has the dinosaur backpack and my daughter has the unicorn backpack. When we go on road trips, we have each of our kids pack some things in these backpacks to keep with them in their car seats. They pack a few snacks, some action figures, barbies, coloring books, crayons, and a few other smaller toys. It’s a smaller backpack, but still allows them to fill it with many different goodies! It also comes with a safety harness, and when you have twins, sometimes a harness helps in a busy public place!

Price: $21.99

Colors Currently Available: Dinosaur, Unicorn, Pug, Koala, Butterfly, Narwhal, Rainbow, Ice Cream

Helpful Review:

My two year old loves this backpack and I love that it’s durable enough to withstand all the adventures we take it on. We put diapers, wipes, sunscreen, some cars, and a book all in the big pocket and snacks in the small one just fine.

Check out this Skip Hop Toddler Backpack on Amazon!


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  1. Nisee says:

    Thank you for sharing this post, you can’t go wrong with JanSport, tons of pockets, we love it.

  2. A. H. says:

    This is so helpful, thanks for sharing! Will be looking into all of these for our next trip!

  3. Meggie says:

    My kids have all used the Skip Hop toddler backpacks when they were little and loved them! These look like some solid recommendations.

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