The Best Father’s Day Gifts 2023

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The Best Father’s Day Gifts 2023

Happy Father's Day with a present

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June 18, 2023. Father’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t panic. You still have a little over a week and thanks to Amazon Prime, you should have your gift sitting at your doorstep in no time! I am going to recommend the best Father’s Day gifts of 2023 that will put a smile on your father’s face.

The Best Father’s Day Personalized Gifts

Custom Socks

This sounds silly, I know. But the custom socks that my wife made me are still one of my favorites to wear at work. They generate a ton of conversation and put a smile on my face immediately. All three of my kids faces are plastered on my socks and it is hilarious. You can put faces of your family or even pets on the socks if you wish. Get creative and have fun with it!

Personalized book for dad

Have you ever written a Father’s Day card only to realize it ended up in the junk drawer a few days later? Knock Knock created a book called “What I Love About Dad” and it gives you prompts that you can have your children answer and now he has a keepsake to reflect back on daily. Personally, I am watching my children grow up way too fast. I love capturing those innocent moments early and collecting a few keepsake moments now, so I can look back and laugh at these memories years from now.

The Best Father’s Day Experience Gifts

Tickets to an event

My wife recently surprised me by taking me to an MLB game for my birthday. It was such an awesome surprise. If your father is not a sports enthusiast like myself, what about concert tickets? Maybe tickets to a show or comedy club? Is this going to be a family outing, a date night or a guys night out with his friends? All options have their perks and you know him the best. I truly think experiences are one of the best Father’s Day gifts in 2023.

Plan a Day Trip

Why not surprise dad with a day trip to one of his favorite places? A family trip to the beach? Mountains? The local zoo? For me, spending time with my family on Father’s Day is the best gift of all! If you can plan a day trip and have the kids plan out some activities for the day, it will create memories for a lifetime! Just don’t forget to pack those road trip essentials for your toddlers before you head out!

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