Top 5 Free Disney World Vacation Activities: From My Kid’s Perspective

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Top 5 Free Disney World Vacation Activities: From My Kid’s Perspective

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For the past two years, my wife and I have put aside money to take our three children on a Disney World vacation. Our youngest is under three years old, so he is FREE. So, why wouldn’t we take advantage of that?! As a result, my kids talk about Disney World often and how they can’t wait to go back again. I recently asked them what their favorite FREE activities were while on their Disney World vacation. Here are their top 5 free Disney World vacation activities:

1. Hunting for lizards

We live in Pennsylvania. We don’t see lizards unless we walk into a pet store or visit the Zoo. When you visit Orlando, lizards are EVERYWHERE! It almost spooks us every time! My kids enjoyed counting all of the lizards as we would walk to the pool or playground. On a ten minute walk, we would count over 100 lizards! We tried to catch them, but they were so fast. At one point, I caught one by its tail and the tail came right off and wiggled in my hand. It grossed me out and that was the end of that! Hunting lizards became a fun activity during our week in Florida.

2. Playing in the pool

We love to visit Disney World around February or March. It’s still cold in the Northeast. The weather stinks. We’re so close to spring, but not quite. So when we visit Disney World for a week, we absolutely love to spend time at the pools. Depending on the resort you stay at, there may be multiple pools within the resort to explore. When we stayed at Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek, we had five different pools to choose from. Two of those pools included a lazy river!

Your Disney World vacation does not have to be spent at the parks every single day. In fact, I recommend multiple “rest days” during your vacation. Especially if you have kids under the ages of 15 years old! Even as adults, my wife and I were ready to rest our legs and take a break from the hot heat! (Yes, it’s hot year round in Orlando.). My kids loved playing in the pool and most resorts even have a splash pad, which my two year old just adored.

3. Pin trading at Disney Springs

This is a new tradition that my family started this past year. I bought each of the kids a Disney pin lanyard set. It comes with a lanyard and four starter pins. If you’ve never been to Disney, pin trading is a BIG deal. There are stores in the parks and at Disney Springs filled solely with pins. Any kind of pin you can think of! Pins from Pixar movies, Star Wars, Disney World, Marvel, princesses. You name it. There is probably a pin of it.

Disney world vacation
A few of the pins my son and daughter collected during their week at Disney World!

But here’s the best part. There are pin trading boards at different locations throughout Disney Springs. On our rest days, we walk around Disney Springs and search for these pin boards. There are probably 30-40 pins on a board and this gives you the ability to trade in one of your current pins for a new pin on the board. Absolutely free! My kids had a BLAST searching for the boards and trading pins throughout the week. We bought them a few more pins to add to their collection and it was so much fun to watch them try to figure out which pin they would trade for next!

4. Exploring different playgrounds in the area

If you have little kids, visiting playgrounds in your area is a great way to make memories and save some money. Yes, a Disney World vacation can get expensive if you’re not careful. However, your kids won’t complain when you take them around to explore the different playgrounds in your area! Every resort will have at least one playground, and most likely multiple playgrounds. We spent a lot of time walking to the playgrounds and ultimately ended up hunting lizards at these playgrounds before jumping into the pool! A great way to get out some energy and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather!

5. Riding the Skyliner!

If you’re looking for a free and fun activity during your Disney World vacation, then look no further.

Ride the Skyliner!

The Skyliner picks you up at various points throughout Disney World. You can pick it up at Hollywood Studios or Epcot. You can also pick it up at a few of the different Disney resorts: Pop Century, Art of Animation, Disney’s Riviera Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Here’s the best part: You don’t need to physically be staying at those mentioned resorts OR be within those mentioned parks in order to use the Skyliner. That’s right. We were staying at a resort off-property and still rode the Skyliner on our rest day! And it’s FREE!

Disney has bus service available at Disney Springs. So we made our way to Disney Springs and parked our car for free. From there, we hitched a ride on the free bus service and made our way to Disney’s Riviera Resort. We walked around the resort and did some exploring and then hopped on the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios.

The Skyliner at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

From there, we hopped off and DID NOT go inside the park. Instead, we walked along the river towards Epcot. This is referred to as the “International Gateway at Epcot.” We hopped back on the Skyliner from there and rode it back to the main hub at Caribbean Beach Resort. We then were able to hop on a bus and make our way back to Disney Springs.

It was a lot of fun and it felt like a ride. The Skyliner sits up high and allows you to take in the sights in a different way! Just bring snacks for your kids. It took us about two hours to complete that entire trip, but it was well worth it!

If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Disney World with your family, be sure to read Disney Vacation on a Budget!

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  1. Kyle W says:

    This was a really enjoyable read, I liked how you put it from the perspective of the kids because eventually when I have kids I would love to take them to any of the Disney Parks.

  2. Fareeha Usman says:

    All the activities are fun except for the lizard hunting. I hate lizards I just can’t stand them

  3. Kirsten Smith says:

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great post! My husband is a former Disney Skyliner Cast Member. We have no kids, just two adults and OFTEN hop on the skyliner just for a fun ride! It’s such an awesome transportation option! Sounds like you all had the best time; thanks for sharing this!

    • Derek says:


      NO WAY! That’s awesome. The Skyliner was easily one of our favorite “rides” at Disney, haha! Thanks for reading!


  5. Debbie says:

    This is so fun to hear what the trip highlights were from your kid’s perspective! Pin trading is such a fun idea!

  6. Courtney says:

    This is great! It’s nice to know the options and from a kids perspective!

  7. Taking the kids to Disney is still on my bucket list. I’ve never been there but always wanted to go. Thanks for these tips!

    • Derek says:


      I hope you get to go someday. It really is a magical place. Just avoid it in July or August. It’s so hot! Haha! Thanks for reading!


  8. Lydiah says:

    Thanks for the information for Disney kids

  9. Lydia says:

    The lizards are my number one definitely. Went to Orlando as a child myself and that is one of my fondest memories of it.

    • Derek says:


      That is great to hear! If we make it back to Orlando, I definitely think hunting lizards will once again be at the top of our to-do list! Thanks for reading!


  10. A. H. says:

    I love this!! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on extra things to have a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Julie says:

    Love your site. such good information for families here.

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