Top 7 Simple Family Traditions You Can Implement Today

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Top 7 Simple Family Traditions You Can Implement Today

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If you’re like me, you love creating traditions with your family. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a parent. I have memories of game nights with my family and eating special foods on certain nights. It still sticks with me and I love creating traditions for my family. Here are my top 7 simple family traditions.

1. Waffles on Saturdays

I’ve said it before, but my wife and I feel very adamant that we eat meals together as a family. We started this simple family tradition a few years ago when our twins were two years old or so. We quickly discovered their love for waffles, fruit and whip cream…of course.

Since then, it’s been a tradition that we just don’t break. My kids are very quick to remind me on Saturday mornings that it’s waffle Saturday and sometimes, we make them together. Throw some chocolate chips on it as well and it becomes more of a dessert than an actual breakfast.

But who is complaining about that?!

2. Coffee and books on Sunday evenings

Most Sunday evenings, we head over to our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. They have a great selection of toys and books and keep us occupied for hours. The best part: there is a Starbucks inside our Barnes and Noble where mommy and daddy can get coffee and the kids can get snacks. The rice krispie treats are their favorites. We typically take a peek at the toys and then the kids each pick out a book that we read to them in the reading corner that Barnes and Noble has set up. It’s a great way to end the weekend with the family.

3. Leave notes on their napkins for school lunches

Our kids just finished first grade last year and in August, they will be entering second grade. It gets me all emotional thinking about it. One simple family tradition that my wife and I started is writing little notes on their napkins when we pack their lunches for school. The notes may say something simple like “I’m proud of you. Have a great day! Love, Daddy.” Sometimes, I throw in a little knock knock joke. They always come home excited to tell me what was on their napkin. It’s an easy way to put a smile on their face in the middle of the school day.

note on a napkin. simple family traditions

4. Set up an “email memory account”

When our twins were first born, we set up gmail accounts for each of them. The idea here is that for the next 18-20 years, you send them emails throughout the year. On their birthday. When they hit a milestone. That moment when they say something cute or funny. When they graduate high school or college or get married, you tell them about this email and they will have hundreds of emails that you sent them when they were a little toddler. I cry just thinking about their reactions and reminiscing with them.

5. Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning

Okay, I know I have listed out a few simple family traditions that involve food. I guess we all love to eat. But seriously, these cinnamon rolls are absolutely fantastic. We wake up Christmas morning, watch our kids open their presents in delight and then make cinnamon rolls from scratch. They are the most delicious cinnamon rolls I have ever had. We make the Easy Fluffy Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls found on Half-Baked Harvest. You are doing yourself a disservice if you never try these!

6. Blueberry picking

Every summer, we head over to our local farm and go blueberry picking. This farm has acres and acres of blueberry bushes and we get to pick our own. We love it and the kids thoroughly enjoy picking the blueberries and sometimes sneaking a few while they’re at it. These blueberries end up pairing well with our Saturday waffles as well. A simple family tradition that ends up being a win-win scenario for us!

7. Watch the sunset at the beach together

We are a beach family. There is no question there! One of our favorite beach activities to do together each summer is watching the sunset, at least once during the week. We found a spot on the bay that has access to a small beach that always seems to be unoccupied. We get an un-obstructive view of the sunset and a beach all to ourselves. It’s just absolutely breathtaking. The kids loving playing in the sand while we watch the sun slowly disappear over the horizon.

What simple family traditions have you started in your family? Let me know in the comments!

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10 Responses

  1. Maryanne says:

    Love all these ideas especially the email memory accounts. The coffee and books on a Sunday night sounds great too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tatjana says:

    These are wonderful Ideas!

  3. Ann says:

    These are some great ideas to spend time with the family. I believe family bonding is so important.

  4. Elaine says:

    As a grandparent now, I will tell you that it warms my heart when I see my kids repeating traditions with their kids or telling me how much they enjoyed some family traditions I established over the years. Thanks for sharing !

    • Derek says:

      Aw that is great to hear, Elaine! Family traditions are the best. I hope my kids carry on traditions of their own with their families someday!


  5. These are great ideas! Every Christmas we make a huge brunch and a big fruit salad to go with it. Everyone helps. They love all the special fruit that we don’t normally get like pineapple and raspberries. One year we found starfruit. Thanks for sharing this post about making family traditions.

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